I really like doing software. Started programming way back in 1977 with machine language then with Basic around 1980. I took a long break from software and finally got back into it around 1995 programming sql in an Oracle database. Did Oracle contract programming for about 15 years and then retired. But before I retired I experimented with Java and C++ which is now my favorite language. Some free software downloads below.

First a cat tracking program that will let you synchronize two rigs for frequency. This is useful if you have a main rig and an sdr and want a nice spectrum display for the main rig. If you can get main rig rx output and hopefully use a splitter to feed your sdr receiver then you can use this program to sync the vfos between your main rig and the sdr so it will follow the main rig's vfo.

I use this setup with a Kenwood TS-990 and a Flex 1500 to get a better spectrum display. Kenwood rx out into the 50 ohm splitter (Mini-Circuits ZFSC-2-2B), one splitter output back into the Kenwood rx in and the other splitter output into rx in on the Flex.

CATMaster screenshots are here: CATMaster

Download CATMaster

Also running an Apache Labs Anan 100 here. I have made a version of the HPSDR software that supports the Flex Control box and added some more functions to the box like VOX on/off, ANF on/off, VFO Lock on/off, and tx drive level.

HPSDR screenshot is here, notice the new top level menu addition of KnobControl: HPSDR

Download HPSDR

You will need to have Microsoft C++ redistributable x86 2015 version installed. You can get it here: vc_redist.x86.exe